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Tips To Veneer Wood Without The Use Of Vacuum Press!

Wood veneering refers to the process of covering any surface from a thin sheet of wood materials to give it a unique look and make it more attractive. You need to have some knowledge and expertise to perform wood veneering properly, but once you have learned it properly, you can easily give any surface unique effects. It involves obtaining thin sheets or slices of wood, also known as bark, which is pasted on any other surface to make it look more appealing. It is used in various door panels, tables, and various other furniture. There various chemicals available to coat these veneers produced by different บริษัทขายเคมีภัณฑ์ at different prices. There are different methods used for wood veneering; some use the vacuum, and some don’t use it.

Vacuum press free methods of wood veneering


You can use weight instead of a vacuum press to veneer a flat surface. You need to paste it and then place a flat board on the top of the veneer and put maximum weight on it. You can use different items as weight, such as tools, boxes, and other bulky items.

The board on the veneer will scatter the weight equally all over the surface. To prevent the glue from sticking from the platens, you must put a wax sheet between the veneer and platen. One thing to make sure is that the veneer is totally flat, and even if there is a problem, you need to flatten it first.

Iron-on veneering

It is a unique and famous method of veneering which involves the use of ordinary iron. It is quite an effective method to veneer different types of wood sheets and is also used to flatten different surfaces permanently.

Contact cement

This method of veneering is most suitable for backed veneers. You need to e immensely heedful while using it as it doesn’t enable any repositioning of the veneer.

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