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Truvada Drug Promises HIV Prevention

In my years of studying biology and medical sociology, I have come across many instances where companies claim to have a “miracle drug” that turns out to be more hype than actual medical breakthrough. After doing some research I have come to the conclusion that the new HIV Prevention drug Truvada is not capable of what it claims.

One of the things drugs companies strive to avoid when developing medication is complications which may result in a recall of a drug or in worse cases, a class action lawsuit. It is important to understand the side effects as well as the intended treatment from a particular drug. For more details you can click here. You can see different aspects of these developed drugs as well.

The FDA has approved the use of a drug that normally treats HIV to be used as a prevention drug in high risk patients. What this means is that Truvada, a drug used in regions of Africa where HIV infection is high, has been made usable for HIV negative people who are at risk of getting HIV. In short, the FDA has stated its approval for this drug to used to prevent HIV transmission.

The Truvada drug has a long history of being used as a treatment for HIV patients in places like Zimbabwe where infection is high and many people are prone to getting the virus. Recently studies have shown that the drug may have the ability to prevent HIV infection in high risk persons. This prompted several studies and led to the FDA’s eventual approval of the drug to prevent HIV. While it is unknown whether or not the drug will have the desired effect of slowing or even eliminating the spread of HIV, the recent FDA approval has cleared the way for the drug to be used in new forms of preventative treatment.

There is, however, still the argument of just how effective the drug will be in preventing the virus and whether or not too much effort and hope is being placed into the drug when there are far more effective means of preventing the virus out there, namely contraception in the form of condoms, which have a 95{554c71f18acf44fd193d739550b208c082ac4032ee0c184b8cb7442fa1a3796b} prevention rate.

That being said, can the FDA and doctors around the world place all their faith in one “miracle drug?” With other measures out there besides Truvada, it may take a combination of approaches to control and eventually eradicate HIV. Essentially, to eradicate a virus of this magnitude, especially in hard hit regions of Africa, it will take a multi-pronged preventative and treatment approach to help those already infected and to keep it from spreading further.

While Truvada has proven useful in the fight against HIV, reputable medical sites such as MayoClinic claim that it is not possible at this time to prevent or cure HIV. According to the description of the ingredients in Truvada by Mayoclinic, it is not to be used as a preventative medicine before contraction of HIV but is used to slow progression of the virus, unlike what is believed to be the case. Another website dedicated to assisting patients with HIV and AIDS shows no claims of all out prevention of HIV with the use of Truvada.

Not only is there strong evidence against the use of Truvada to completely prevent HIV, use of the drug in general has a long list of severe side effects. Regardless of the purpose of the drug, everyday consumers like us should be warned about medications that the FDA approves as “miracle drugs” and “preventative medicine” so that we know exactly what it is we are taking.

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