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Essential Guide in Keeping Hardwood Floor Clean

Hardwood floors are the best accessory a house can have, but the sight of a scratched, dirty and rough looking hardwood floor is not very appealing to the eye. You would rather get rid of the floor then. If you just got an old hardwood floor replaced or you have a hardwood floor that still looks new, then you want to maintain it looking that way. Use the following tips to keep your hardwood floors looking new, clean and polished.

How to clean a hardwood floor to attain the new polished look

First things first; if you didn’t know, hardwood floors should not be cleaned with water because it can sip into the wood and depreciate its quality or initiate rotting. In case of spills, clean them as quickly as possible to make sure that water is not absorbed into the floor.

Sweep hardwood floors with a fine textured broom before vacuuming or polishing to remove coarse sand particles that can scratch the floor as the vacuum is moved to and fro across the floor. Use staubsauger mit hepa filter to get a clean floor without dealing with a lot of dusts and minuscule particles.

Polish hardwood floors like you do your furniture

Common hardwood floor polishing agents come in liquid or spray form; I recommend using spray hardwood polish because they do not sip through the wood joints, unlike liquid polish. When choosing a spray for your floor make sure you read the instructions to make sure that it will not corrode the wooden floor. After spraying the floor with the polish, wipe it off after the amount of time instructed on the spray bottle. If no time is allocated, wipe it off after one minute to make sure that the paint on your floor is not lifted. Keep wiping until a polished look is achieved.

Even though the work might seem tiring, it is worth it because this type of shine can last for over two months. All you have to do is sweep the floor to get rid of the dust, and refurbish the shine. Be cautious when walking on newly polished hardwood floors because they are slippery; you do not want to break a leg on your quest to get a spotless floor.

How to reduce the quantity of scratches and scrapes on a hardwood floor

Lift furniture across a hardwood floor when cleaning, instead of pulling it to avoid scratching the floor.

In case you need to replace a damaged piece of wood on the floor, use like-textured pieces and let a professional do the work to prevent further damage.

Stop pets like cats, dogs, and rodents from scratching the floor by buying them toys to scratch on. Some pets like cats have a natural urge to scratch to trim their nails or to get a place to go potty; so you might want to consider preparing your pets a place to relieve themselves when they need to go or buy them a rug to pee on.

Try as much as you can not to walk on the wood floors with the shoes you use outside. If you really have to have something on your feet while in the house; then buy a pair of slippers to use in the house or walk in a pair of socks. The particles carried on shoes from outside into the house are the main cause of abrasion on hardwood floors.

Do not let children use moving toys on hardwood floors because they can abrade the floors. Let children play with the train station compilation or fire fighters’ trucks outside to save your beautiful floor.

If well maintained, hardwood floors can bring you a great fortune in the future when you decide to sell your house.

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