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Front Loading Sewing Machine: How To Oil And Clean Them?

There are many people who still use sewing machines in their daily life and with daily use maintenance of these machines also becomes important to ensure their smooth working. For a major problem, you had to take your machine to an expert but you can do minor maintenance and clean right at your home. For people who are looking for the steps of cleaning their machines by themselves they can follow steps below.

Steps for cleaning and oiling sewing machines

The steps given below are simple and can be followed by anyone who wants to clean and oil their machines. If you are using your sewing machine frequently then regular cleaning is a must to guarantee its effective working.

  • The first step is to remove the foot and the needle after unplugging it.
  • Now you need to remove parts like the needle plate and the bobbin case.
  • After removing all these parts use a soft brush to clean the insides of any dust particles. You can also use any soft cloth for cleaning purposes if you don’t have a brush.
  • After cleaning each part properly, the next thing that you must do is drop a few drops of oil on the middle part of the hook race. Don’t use too much oil one or two drops are enough.
  • Now after oiling reassemble all the parts of the sewing machine just like before and change the needle of your machine to a new one.
  • Now wipe your sewing machine with a cloth and you are ready to go.

You can use these steps of cleaning on any type of sewing machines including the best leather sewing machine. If you are looking at using your sewing machine for a long period of time than you must keep it cleaning and oiling from time to time.


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