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Have You Ended Up With Cracks On Shower Screen?

Shower enclosures are great ways to beautify your shower area. However with daily use, it might face impacts leading to cracks in the shower screen. It is always better to handle cracks when they have just begun to appear. Otherwise this can lead to broken doors which are a hazard in homes with kids. Some shower screen repairs are better than getting the entire door replaced. Below are some options you can consider if you happen to notice cracks on your shower screen.

  1. Clean the glass surface

If you are thinking to fix your cracked shower screen on your own, it is important to first clean the glass surface. Use a soft cloth to wipe the glass so that you will have a smooth surface to work on. It will also prevent cuts and bruises on your skin while you work to fix the cracks.

  1. Use epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is easily available in any local store. Buy one which is waterproof and sets quickly. You can then apply it along the crack, from the beginning to the end. Finally let it dry down.

  1. Use sandpaper

A small piece of sandpaper is useful to sand down the epoxy applied in the previous step. Use it to make the epoxy flat with the edge of the glass.

  1. Call a professional

If the cracks in your shower screen are difficult to fix on your own, you should call a professional. If your shower enclosure is under warranty period, you can easily avail the service free of cost. A professional can help better to fix a cracked shower screen.

  1. Replace if needed

In case the cracks are worse and cannot be fixed, it is always better to replace the entire shower screen. However you should seek professional help before taking such decisions as they can guide you better.

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