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How To Be Coupon Savvy

In the times we are in now if you have never used coupons before now would be the time to get started. You may think that you have no time for coupons or that it’s too much work, but actually just the opposite is true. If you will follow the tips and suggestions in this article you can be organized and out the door on your way to the store with coupons in hand in about 30 minutes. All it takes is some commitment and time. It is well worth it and you will agree when you see the savings you’ll start piling up! You can use Lowes 10{554c71f18acf44fd193d739550b208c082ac4032ee0c184b8cb7442fa1a3796b} off that is redeemable at several stores. You can print these coupons and use them. These are all latest coupons, which is why you don’t have to worry about their expiry.

First, where to find coupons. My first suggestion is to buy the Sunday paper. I would actually buy about 2-3 copies. I would also suggest not to cut out every coupon at first, just cut as you go and as needed. Ask your friends and neighbors who get the Sunday paper if you can have the coupon inserts if they don’t use them. Some gas stations and places where they sell papers will let you have the left over papers the next day. This varies from place to place so you can find out.

Another place you can find coupons is in magazines. You can check the magazines you already receive and look for coupons in them.

Another idea is to join a Coupon Train. How a Coupon Train works is you join the group and get on a list of about 4-5 other people and then mail an envelope full of coupons to one another. You receive it from one person then mail it to the next, and so on. You take what you can use and then replace with coupons you don’t need. Some trains use the same passenger list and some switch out. A good place to find coupon trains is on Yahoo Groups. You might could even start one yourself with friends who live in other cities.

Another place to find coupons is online. You can print coupons online and only print the ones you need. A good site for this is Coupons.com. You can do a search online and find other sites as well.

A place where you may not think to look for coupons is on Ebay. I have bought several coupons on there for cents literally. Of course when doing this be sure and check the sellers rating and any shipping cost. You want to make sure it is worth it.

Now that you have coupons what do you do with them? It is really easy to start saving. First, look at your local stores sale papers and then put with any coupons you have for that product. Also check to see if your store doubles or triples coupons. You can actually get some products for free when you combine the sale item with a coupon that can be doubled or tripled. Also, I would suggest to plan your weekly meals around the sale items. That makes your savings even more.

With a little time and effort you can start saving at the grocery store.

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