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Thresh Wars: A Free Online Turn-Based Strategy

Thresh Wars is a relatively new turn-based strategy game. The game was released quietly in April 2009; so far the game has spread primarily by word-of-mouth. Thresh Wars plays entirely in-browser, meaning no downloads are necessary, and is 100% free.

In concept, Thresh Wars is a turn-based strategy, meaning that players take turns doing a certain number of actions with each of their units. It can be played against real players, with real players, against a computer, and even by yourself against the computer. Overall, it is not very dissimilar to such table-top turn based games as Warhammer and Warmachine. You should check out Agen Bola for more such online games. You will enjoy the seamless online gaming experience that you will get.

Thresh Wars features four playable races. The Stryders are a fast alien race who lack defining power. Centurions are the ever-present human race, representing a balanced army with no real strengths or weaknesses. Another alien race, the Bargh, feature heavy and powerful units that have a weakness in speed (which translates to movement distance in a turn-based game). Finally, players can choose the Zoid, who are not giant robot animals that duel each other, but are instead semi-robotic (religious) alien lifeforms who emphasize range at the cost of durability. The computer always plays as the Thresh, a race of giant insects with mounted guns.

Players use in-game currency to buy units from their chosen army to add to their total army. At the start of a battle, which can be begun or joined with a single click, players are given a set number of points, with each unit costing a differing amount of points. Using this point limit, players place units from their army on the field, hit the ready button, wait for the rest of the players, and the battle begins!

The game plays fairly seamlessly. It is quite simple to play, involving just your left mouse button, but quite difficult to master. The gameplay itself is nothing spectacularly new, other than taking a Warhammer-like game and making it both totally free and online, which is pretty awesome by itself.

The only real negative discovered so far is that the AI is perhaps too intelligent. It always make the perfect calculations to keep its units just outside the range of your units, leaving you no way in except to rush recklessly into range (always a bad plan, especially if you play the range-dependant and armor-lacking Zoid). Then again, it could simply be that certain players (like me, for example) just aren’t smart enough to beat the giant spiders.

The player base for the game is good, though small at the moment. Players are genuinely interested in having a good bout of strategy gaming, and even discuss strategy in-game (a novelty for certain gamers). The developers even offer a way to connect your Thresh Wars account to your Facebook account, which could get your friends to play with you (and earn you in-game currency).

Overall, Thresh Wars is a fun game that takes little time to play, since each battle will probably only have one round a day. It is completely free and presents a tried-and-true and very intriguing game format to anyone wishing to try it out. The strengths of the game are many, while the weaknesses are few. At the very least, it is worth a try.

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